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What started in 1976 with Circle Records jazz recordings will still be continued.

 We have decided to re-release a selection of these rare jazz recordings digitally.

In fact the original vinyl releases are quite rare due to lower pressing amounts.

By re-releasing them for streaming they will be available to a larger audience. 

The original audio takes need to be optimized by restoring and mastering them.

One reason is that recordings suffered from bad acoustics in small, noisy clubs.

Another one is the usage of lower quality recording gear in the 1970s and 80s.

By using the meanwhile advanced technology the recordings will be improved.

In addition to the live recordings also the studio recordings will be remastered. 

All re-releases will have new cover artworks but will keep the same tracklisting.

Circle Jazz Label

Being an independent record company and jazz label we do enjoy our flexibility.

It enables us to constantly improve and preserve and share outstanding music. 

We are happy to re-release these jazz records and hope you will enjoy listening.

Circle Jazz Discography