Circle Records Germany
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What originally started in 1976 with a selection of Circle Records live jazz recordings across Europe is now being continued.

Because of the importance of each recording and the great live performances it documents we are releasing new versions.

Therefore we have been carefully restoring and remastering these original recordings to improve the overall audio quality.

In fact live jazz recordings in the 1970's and 80's have quite often been recorded with less than ideal recording equipment.

Another reason is that live recordings were often affected by difficult conditions e.g. recorded in small and noisy jazz clubs.

As a result we have decided to use the meanwhile advanced technology to bring these live sessions to a new audio level. 

  Most of our releases will still have the identical tracklisting as the original vinyl releases but will feature new cover artwork.


Being an independent jazz record company and jazz label we truly enjoy our constant autonomy and flexibility at any time.

This enables us to constantly improve on different levels and most of all to be able to preserve and share wonderful music.

Circle Records Germany always has been and always will be 100% specialized in live jazz recordings with special musicians.

Finally we are very happy to share these outstanding and rare live jazz recordings again and hope you will enjoy listening.



Live at "Le Dreher" in Paris, June 25th, 1980

Live at "Le Dreher" in Paris, June 25th, 1980

Live at "Le Dreher" in Paris, June 25th, 1980

Live at "Le Dreher" in Paris, June 27th, 1980