Circle Records Germany
Jazz Label

 Chet Baker 

In the early 80s Chet Baker travelled Europe playing gigs in Paris (Le Dreher Club) and Cologne (Salt Peanuts Club).

Night Bird, Tune UpConception (June 25th & 27th 1980) Paris, 'Round Midnight (May 21st & 23rd 1980) in Cologne.

The club gigs had been splitted into several albums (due to vinyl playing time) now being re-released for streaming.

The original album release years: Night Bird (1980), Tune Up (1981), 'Round Midnight (1982) and Conception (1985).

Tracklistings of the remastered albums are identical to the original albums but now featuring new cover artworks.

Chet Baker is available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and many others.


 Chet Baker - 'Round Midnight

Chet Baker - Conception

Chet Baker - Tune Up

Chet Baker - Night Bird

Chet Baker - Live From Paris